About Us

Rocket Wave is proud to serve St. George with quality internet, phone, and television. Our internet service is provided through our very own wireless infrastructure, which we have built from the ground up since 2002. Rocket Wave offers leading services such as fast and reliable internet and bundled services like phone and television. We pride ourselves in offering quality high speed internet at fantastic prices. Whether you are looking for a solid service provider or you are searching for quality services at a great price, Rocket Wave has what you're looking for.

Quality - We strive to provide the best quality internet service possible. Our network was started over 11 years ago and we have been expanding, upgrading, and staying on the cutting edge of wireless technology ever since. Let us use our great network and extensive experience to provide you with the best internet access around!

Support - Because of our local focus, we can provide our clients with fast, friendly, and experienced technical support. With localized support, your needs will be met quicker. Our fast and reliable network combined with our friendly customer service helps to make our Internet service an unbeatable value.

Savings - We offer phone, internet, and digital television services at prices the competition can't beat! By offering different service speeds at different prices, we give you the versatility to get the most bang for your buck.